Somewhere, some incredible neuron is waiting to be known….Carl Sagan Neuron Version

I study neural oscillations with the aim of contributing to Neurotechnology. I am fortunate to pursue my passion for brain science at IITGN. I am thankful to my supervisor Dr. Krishna Prasad Miyapuram and mentor Dr. Derek Lomas for guiding me to develop the vision. I receive Prime Minister’s Fellowship from SERB and PlayPower Labs for my doctoral research.

My current research lies to study the brain oscillations in naturalistic scenarios:

  1. Meditating
  2. Listening Music
  3. Watching Movie Clips

I mostly think with the following perspectives in my work:

  1. Signal Processing [Time Series]
  2. Machine and Deep Learning [Representation]
  3. Cognitive Science [Mind]
  4. Physics [Oscillatory System]
  5. Philosophy [Connecting Dots]